Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Does all the great creativity in Second Life go to women and transgenders or put and end to SL PIMPS!


Both shops are a feast for the eye, loaded with the most magnificent outfits. But there is almost nothing for me, actually between them I found one outfit.

In SL men's outfits come in a very limited range: ghetto rapper, ghetto pimp, Gorian Barbarian ghetto pillager, and geeky space ghetto killer. It's like dolls. The girls have more dolls and more outfits. Boy stop playing with dolls younger than girls because their dolls all suck. "Oh look at me I have big muscles, I have a gun, I am in black and look like a Ninja" and sadly this is the same in SL. I have a female alt I use just because she can get the best fashions (and just for that reason).

The thing is women in SL often engage in mail roles, playing warriors, scientists, Sci Fi RP; but what I think of as the most cultured and sophisticated things to do in SL still are dominated by female avatars, outfits and clothing. If you ever go to a ball in SL you will notice this, maybe 2 guys to every 8 women, and the women all look great and th guys look like they are coming for a pimp convention.

Please gentlemen stop the PIMP LOOK.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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