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"By stimulating a certain region of the brain, scientists can alter a person's ability to make moral judgments... The study results show that stimulating a specific brain region interfered with the participants' ability to consider this mental state information when assessing hypothetical situations dealing with morality. For instance, participants who received this brain stimulation were more likely to judge as morally acceptable scenarios involving attempted harms - where a person intends, but fails to carry out a crime, like an attempted poisoning."

Morality Altered by Brain Stimulation:

The scientific paper behind this article is found at

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This discussion is scheduled to occur on March 31, 2010 at our normal discussion times of 12 PM SLT and again at 7 PM SLT. The discussion will take place in the group chat ONLY so you must be a member of the group to participate. The group is free and has open enrollment. is a new community of men and women who seek beauty and stimulation through our minds. The SL group discusses different topics daily (e.g., philosophy, morality, science, politics). Group notices announcing the topic are sent daily. You may submit ideas for topics to BrainCrave OHare.

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