Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Re-exploring Caledon

Zanzibar Estate

Caledon has grown significantly over the past few years. I did a fairly extensive exploration of the SIMs of Caledon a few years back but I can see there has been major growth, so I am going to take the next couple of days (weeks) to re-explore what is there, and try to get a feel for how SL is changing.

The thing to remember that Caledon, just one community is now larger than SL was in its first year. And that Caledon which started as one community in 2006 has not only grown but clearly fractured to a large extent. People I meet today in Caledon have never heard of people who were major figures there just 2 years ago.

I noticed a few years ago during the US election there was a lot of bad blood in some parts of Caledon. For a while a house on the north of Caledon wave the national flag of the Confederate States of America. I have been interested to meet a number of people who hang out near Caledon Oxbridge not even aware of what had been some pretty vicious wars. Caldeon Oxbridge did not even exist during the 2008 election. Its seems that Caledon has grown out a great deal, but is also more fragmented with areas not aware of each other and with no shared values other than an interest in 19th Century buildings and clothing.

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