Friday, 12 February 2010

More on flaky


A kingdom of Royalty,commoners and slaves inspired by Anne Rice's "Sleeping Beauty" trilogy. The attire is 15th century, the RP is vivid BDSM and the script for the action is up to you.

Well more of the flaky stuff in Second Life. I guess Second Life will always have a community because you can't have sex in WoW or EVE.

Some things I am noticing. People put a lot more effort in the fantasy SIMs than in productive ones. I don't have nay problem with consenting slavery but I am a bit troubled by how much of it there is in Second Life. A what point does this reflect larger issues, why is being a slave or master such a great part of our fantasies?

Slavery in reality is the worst thing humans can do to humans, so why is our fantasy world so full of play. I am also noticing some very hard lines developing between fantasy groups as my last post on the Wilds showed a SIM that banned all of this.

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