Friday, 26 February 2010

Introduction to Web 4.0 and augmented virtual reality

The Second Life Great Expedition

Above is knightsbridge model in Second Life.  It looks pretty detailed but it is so clean that when I walk around I  feel like I am in some city after a great plague killed everyone.  Web 4.0 would embede "atmosphere" and "feel" information in to a simulation.  Below is mu Web 4.0 prototype.  The idea is that a virtual reality simulation could pull geo positioned information from a "real world" source and use it to make the simulation look more natural.

The Second Life Great Expedition

For example I do not think Second Life simulations do streets or side walks very well.  The side walks are always too clean and too empty, and the streets seem pointless.  A web 4.0 simulation could pull data from reality sources to texture the simulation to make certain region "feel" natural.  The above concept image would use the same buildings and sim layout, but it would only "skin" the sidewalks and streets with images that give the enviornment a more real feel.

The question of how to present the data is a bit tricky.  I have seen people try to do this with 2-D photos placed in the SIM and I don't think that works.  Rather somethig like Microsft Photosynth would enable augent applicaitons to create 3-D created out of pictures.
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