Friday, 22 January 2010

Say it with Second Life

Lots of people use their SIMs to advertise, but this is one of the more heart warming ones I have seen. It would mean a great deal more if this was suppose to be an RL marriage, though I suspect its one of the easy come easy go SL partnerships. And if it is in RL I wonder if they have meet yet in RL. I have actually heard 1 first hand story of someone meeting someone who had travelled around the world to marry someone they had never meet in RL but knew in SL.

When you think about it, adding one layer of reality like Second Life adds a large number of complex relations in RL. In RL you get married and you generally meet the person before you marry them. By allowing partnerships in SL you already have two separate layers of married, married in SL and married in RL.

But on top of that you have married in SL and not married in RL. Married in RL and not married in SL. Married in SL and RL, and Not Married in SL and RL. So by adding a new level of reality one binary relationship (married or not) becomes 4 possible relationships. And then when you include the nuanced levels like meet in SL, got to know each other, started hangin out in RL and got married, vs. meet in SL and got married in RL at first meeting, vs. long partnership in SL with friendship in RL, and on and on, it is pretty confusing.

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