Friday, 22 January 2010

A rant on Lag, don't blame Linden Labs


Don't blame Linden Labs for the massive amounts of lag. The true cause of the problem has been a generation of web developers who have learned to take broadband for granted. These designers have seemed to have lost any interest in file size of images.

15 when most people got online with phone modems every web designer had to think about reducing the size of images. Not only did web designers spend time reducing the physical size of images, but also learned tricks like exporting gifs with only the the images needed for (sometimes as little as 30 colors) and reusing the same image over.

As you can see above today new generation of web developers have lost all knowledge for the skill. They grew up in a 2D web of surfaces covered in images that took seconds at the most to download. Broadband has made anything you can do with HTML seem almost real time, images pop down before your eyes.

But SL is not 2D. The added dimensions increase the number of possible surfaces in a single SIM download by many orders of magnitude. If you just think of a room with 4 walls that is 4 times the download time than a single web page, now add roof and floor and you start out with 6 times the surfaces in a Second Life build than you would get in any web page. But lets say you add one prime cube, 6 sides and you have 5 facing sides, that is again 5 more surfaces. Carry this out and you can see how a SIM could be 100s of surfaces, and designers need to reduce the size and complexity of images while reusing images or leave user with a dull laggy experience.

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