Sunday, 10 January 2010

A good island

The Pillars of Hercules is a rare good island design in Second Life. In Second Life a SIM is a area of land on which you can put water or mountains or anything between. A SIM is a single server. You can connect up many servers to produce a large expanse of land, but if a Server is not bordered by another server SL shows this as an ocean. The large deep oceans of Second Life are really just visual representations of nothingness.

Now given the fact that having SIM around you can add render time, and also means your SIM is at the mercy of anything ugly your surrounding SIMS you don't control might do, most projects with enough resources decide to produce a few SIMS they control not attached directly to any other SIM and requiring a teleport to enter and leave. This provides the most control.

But it means that Second Life is full of islands. After a while you get sick of Jimmy Buffet dream land with beaches and palm tries. So much of Second Life is just one big Spring Break you almost hope a mass hurricane would form out of the non-server Sea that surrounds Second Life and clean it up. That is why a SIM like The Pillars of Hercules which uses established myths and art forms to make intelligent seas is so excellent.

The ancient Greek world lived in a world of islands as well, and Greek mythology, and the civilization that grew up on the Mediterranean should be mined more to create rich engaging SIM spaces. So maybe the builders should dust off their Homer over their Gor novels and do some grown up development.

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