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Discussion of Open Cobalt Alpha

MICA [Meta Institute for Computational Astrophysics] Small Amphitheater. MICA website is Even at a very technical presentation like this you cna see how much creativity users are putting in to creating avatars. Clearly for almost all members of the SL community how you look is very critical.

This is likely because of how poor SL still is as a discourse tool. Just read some of this chat and see if you can follow anything.

[10:37] Hermit Barber: :-)
[10:37] Rocket Sellers: if someone reads them back to him ㋡
[10:37] Imaze Rhiano: I guess he is very impressive about SL techonology after this :P
[10:37] DagnyT Gabilondo: I wonder if this would run inside a firewall
[10:37] Croquet Hax: Vickie: which one are you talking about?
[10:37] Curious George: Q: can you compare Open Cobat with the OpenSim and HyperGrid approach?
[10:37] compsocr2 Sharktooth: I heard of the web based Secon Life that is coming. Is it related to Open Cobalt?
[10:37] Abrabapupa Rembrandt: what is go mystic about firewall?
[10:37] toBe Destiny: yes the comparison woudl be very helpful
[10:37] Vernes Veranes: I can imagine that since opencobolt distributes the function of server across multiple peers, won't that leave people susceptable to false or corrupted data?
[10:37] Melchizedek Blauvelt: much better
[10:38] Nathanael Jonas: thevoice isgood now
[10:38] Abrabapupa Rembrandt: is *something* run within firewall << silly question
[10:38] Perplexity Peccable: Compsocr, did you mean Visuland?
[10:38] Vickie Greenwood: Im trying to remember the name.. it was a virtual world solution, structured exactly like websites,based on hyperlinking, had nearly all of the features mentioned here.. and ended up being discontinued
[10:38] Pooky Amsterdam: is there prim definition or less of that and more 2D representation of buildings,
[10:38] DeNovo Broome is Online
[10:38] Curious George: Excellen!
[10:39] Sayaka Hykova: sculpted prims?!
[10:39] Hermit Barber: Can it be bidirectional?
[10:39] Perplexity Peccable: /gotta love LInux :)
[10:39] toBe Destiny: i would also like to know whether Open Cobalt is considering any work with Google SketchUp
[10:39] Imaze Rhiano: Sayaka: Real meshes - I think
[10:39] Hermit Barber: Chat to the server?
[10:39] Sayaka Hykova: lol
[10:39] Hermit Barber: Mouse it?
[10:39] Nathanael Jonas: is the world self persistant ?
[10:40] Abrabapupa Rembrandt: you don't need 'sculped prims' in OpenCobalt - you can use a fully-featured 3D editors instead
[10:40] baahdda Bing: #D TV may have a use after all!
[10:40] baahdda Bing: 3D
[10:40] toBe Destiny: give example of this 3D editor
[10:40] toBe Destiny: if you would please
[10:40] Vernes Veranes: Nathanael: I understood he world is the combination of private worlds hosted on the respective peers
[10:40] Curious George: Croquet, mute your mike
[10:40] Ico Telling: what are the next steps in Open Cobalt development?
[10:40] Imortega Lungu: open question?
[10:40] toBe Destiny: lots of questions already
[10:40] Nathanael Jonas: does it mean I shutdown my computer as well as what I creatd ?
[10:40] Curious George: Q: can you compare Open Cobat with the OpenSim and HyperGrid approach?
[10:41] toBe Destiny: Q: can you compare Open Cobat with the OpenSim and HyperGrid approach?
[10:41] Hermit Barber: All phule's day?
[10:41] toBe Destiny: would my university be able to participate in a alpha
[10:41] toBe Destiny: Norwich University?
[10:41] Snofoxx Kimono is Online
[10:42] Saijanai Kuhn: toBe you can download the latest version any time you want
[10:42] Tapple Gao: cobalt is open source; you can use it
[10:42] Miquela Dovgal: I agree with you sir
[10:42] toBe Destiny: yes, this is due to the business model of LL
[10:42] toBe Destiny: so we know we need to move to somethign simpler if this will be used of education
[10:43] Imortega Lungu: next question?
[10:43] Metalic collar F: Staring animation belly2
[10:43] toBe Destiny: Q: can you compare Open Cobat with the OpenSim and HyperGrid approach?
[10:44] toBe Destiny: it is fully localized

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