Friday, 1 January 2010

Calling all SL Artists

Epsilon Gallery

for New Artists

Qualifications:: New to art, new to art in Second Life, or new to Second Life.

As a service to the art community, I am donating use of one of my buildings to new artists in SL. So, if you are new to art, or you have only recently starting trying to promote yourself in SL, or if you are new to SL entirely, this is a place to display your work.

Rent is free for 6 months, then I kick you out to make room for someone new. You are welcome to sell your work or just display it; you can give out a LM to another location if you like. You can host events here, too!

You can have one (1) wall. PG pictures are downstairs If you have nudes, please take a space upstairs. No pornography (explicit sex acts, etc). This is a PG sim.

What to do:
1) Go to the gallery and select an appropriate space
2) Let me (Shoshana Epsilon) know which wall you want. I am the only one who can unlock the rental vendors.
3) Start hanging art! 20 prims maximum, please.

You are welcome to invite guests. If you want t have a party on the roof, please let me know. If you need a frame and picture in one prim, IM me and I'll give you one.

What do I get out of it? The knowledge that I helped someone step into art in Second Life. Tips are welcome (tip-gargoyle is near the entrance) but not required.
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