Sunday, 31 January 2010

Brazil in Second Life


One of the most fun parts of Second Life is being able to wonder through a global community. SIMs are made in different languages and communities. Communities are united or divided by only two factors: language and time zone. The English speaking world in Second Life is actually rather fragmented in time, with Australians, British and Americans living in very different time "spaces" and the global community of English speakers living in almost every time zone.

The French speaking community is rather close, united by language and time. Though French, Spanish, and Portuguese both have New World and Old World communities. French is still mostly the language of France, but Spanish and Portuguese are larger in the New World than Old. Korean, German, Italian, and other such languages form smaller groups linked by both time and language, but Second Life is about a vast array of channels to select from, SIMS to fit any desire or interest. And in order to select from the vast variety of spaces people are forced to get better at English.

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