Monday, 11 January 2010

Avatar causes post movie depression

Extremely interesting article from CNN today contains following:

(CNN) -- James Cameron's completely immersive spectacle "Avatar" may have been a little too real for some fans who say they have experienced depression and suicidal thoughts after seeing the film because they long to enjoy the beauty of the alien world Pandora.

On the fan forum site "Avatar Forums," a topic thread entitled "Ways to cope with the depression of the dream of Pandora being intangible," has received more than 1,000 posts from people experiencing depression and fans trying to help them cope. The topic became so popular last month that forum administrator Philippe Baghdassarian had to create a second thread so people could continue to post their confused feelings about the movie.


"Virtual life is not real life and it never will be, but this is the pinnacle of
what we can build in a virtual presentation so far," said Dr. Stephan Quentzel,
psychiatrist and Medical Director for the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and
Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. "It has taken the best of
our technology to create this virtual world and real life will never be as
utopian as it seems onscreen. It makes real life seem more imperfect."


"After discussing on the forums for a while now, my depression is beginning to fade away. Having taken a part in many discussions concerning all this has really, really helped me," Hill said. "Before, I had lost the reason to keep on living -- but now it feels like these feelings are gradually being replaced with others."
Quentzel said creating relationships with others is one of the keys to human happiness and that even if those connections are occurring online they are better than nothing.


Within the fan community, suggestions for battling feelings of depression after seeing the movie include things like playing "Avatar" video games or downloading the movie soundtrack in addition to encouraging members to relate to other people outside the virtual realm and to seek out positive and constructive activities.

I think many players of Second Life can realte to periods like this.

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