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Tubular Gallery-elros Tuominen

Tubular Gallery-elros Tuominen

This very interesting show gave me this information card:

I am here in SL to develop my RL artist side. I was born in the Basque Country, a quite closed society, and never had a chance to learn about art, never until I was 18 . I learned graphic design. Four years of study helped me to learn about colour theory and different tools, from Real ones to digital ones, basing my work in two different branches: Watercolours and Adobe Photoshop software. Watercolours, because they give me that movement illusion in RL, Photoshop, because it gives me the chance to dig further into my art. Those artists steps were stopped at the age of 23, I found a job far from art for more than 8 years, but it was killing me, I needed to create, and I found SL, to keep on learning and developing my artistic side. Now I am recovering all those past years, learning each and everyday, and trying to have people enjoy my art, art is the magical expression of each one of us after all. Being able to show my work all around this world... that is great...

My work is based on three basic points: light, colour and rythm, and almost all the ideas come from own feelings and experiences, most of them, not all: I just create some music without sound, some alive watercolour, watercolours that never dry, and light, many light, giving those 3d pieces more depth and movement, it's the main idea, movement, kinetic works, creating in a fourth dimension, a new dimension to play with and express myself, so maybe there's some kind of futurism there too... With each work I try to create what I have envisioned after thinking about a concept, then I develope it, until I discover what I wanted to build, that's a nice moment really...
I have been in SL since October of 2006, and I have never stoped learning about building, scriptting, textures... I feel like a child, playing with everything I find, and expressing myself freely, that's the best sensation I have ever had, beeing able to create, at least, I have been able to recover my artist side, and now I feel alive, now I can take a look at my mind and understand Gaudi, those organic forms make me crazy, or Picasso's use of basic forms, dividing reality in basic forms to work with, and pop use of colour, and music mainly, that's my real inspiration.... sounds...

Please contact my representative, Mariposa Upshaw regarding exhibition and/or sale of my sciulpture.

Here you got some links to my works and videos :

aka Antonio Alza A.

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