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Rise Of a Noble House, an Experiment in Second Life Lit Creation

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Rise Of a Noble House is a work by FigBash Snook most of the fun is coming here to see and read it but I have included some of the sections that come with pictures. Of course its spicey, as SL generally is.

"Five days later, Desdemona arrives at the imperial capital and surveys the cityscape before her. Though her wounds continue to heal well, the attack has made her cautious, and she has decided forgo the processional entry into the city that was intended to set toungues wagging about her arrival. Instead, she now intends to quietly obtain secure lodgings for her company and quickly make contact with the head of the Vartanian family, to start negotiations as soon as possible.

"But how many other merchant houses will be competing for this contract? Could one of them be behind the ambush? Desdemona starts to wonder if success in these negotiations will be any less perilous for her family than failure. " FigBash Snook

"Rise of a Noble House -

"Episode 5 -

"DiscoveryNegotiations have been going well for Desdemona, and are nearing completion. While looking for a warehouse to store the barony’s shipments, she and Lexi make an astounding discovery. This abandoned warehouse appears to have been a dispatch drop point for the old Imperial Intelligence Corps. And from the looks of it, dispatches are still being filed, even to this day, though apparently no one has been here to collect them in over a century.Lexi and Desdemona quickly conclude their purchase of the warehouse, haggling only enough to avoid raising suspicion. They are now in control of a staggering flow of privileged information… what will they do with it? " FigBash Snook

"Rise of a Noble House - Episode 4 - First Contact

"The Senate may not have met in three centuries, but the cultural trappings of Empire are dusted off once a year, and the Senator's Ball goes on, much as it did long ago.

"To avoid the impression of appearing as a supplicant by coming to his office for their first contact, Desdemona Shetland had elected instead to meet the new head of the Vartanian family here, in a bid to start negotiations on an equal footing. Now, as she twirls in his arms, Desdemona begins to wonder if this was a mistake. Lexi Vartanian is clearly at home in this environment: dashing, witty, a fine dancer, and well-schooled in cultural nuance. Despite having purchased a fine gown in the modern fashion to wear, she is all to conscious of the cultural gap between these jaded imperials and her own upbringing in a baronial backwater. Clearly, she thinks to herself, she has a lot to learn before people here will treat her as an equal.

"Class is now in session. "FigBash Snook

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