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Peaceful spot

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Tony - Song of Peace explores the possibility of Virtual Reality used to promote relaxation. I could imagine a doctor prescribing a 20 minutes a day in an immersive environment like this, vital signs monitored back at the medical office to reduce stress. Virtual Reality offers the potential of breakthrough in mental health treatment.

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Tony - Song of Peace

Painting - Acrylic and wire mesh on canvas
Video - Motion, Final Cut and Photoshop
Chant - Vocals, Instruments and Elk Drum - Tony
Peace Pipe - Andre Suazo
Recorded at THRAK Studios, Elorien, Force Planet and Pacifica Studios

Song of Peace was originally written in 1999 as a reaction to increasing fear and hate I felt around me. It was the spring after Matthew Shepherd was brutally murdered and the whole world was waiting for the end to come via computer glitch. I re-visited the song in 2001 and the chant began to emerge in the recording so I continued the overdubbing until December 2003 and released a version to my friends, which was mixed and mastered by Byron Nemeth of Pacifica Studios. The current version of the chant now has 172 overdubs recorded since 1999.

The painting and video were created as I recorded the chant and have served as way of making the vision of the Song of Peace manifest in a visual aspect. The painting is a meditation on refuge. The lotus, the moon and the star a visual representation of the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha - the three jewels. In my mind it is these three ideas that Peace and Love and their imagining make manifest in our world; enlightenment, the upholding of creation and the people of the world. The painting mirrors the layered style of the recording and is built with thousands of thin layers of tinted varnishes and wire mesh on canvas.

When I approached the creation of the video it was from a sense of play as I took my first steps into HD video and Apple's Motion software. The video mirrors the layered style of the chant and the painting and uses elements of the painting within it. Like the painting I wanted the video to hold the sense of stillness while projecting the fluidity of the motion, intentionally rejecting the quick-edits of broadcast video for the single-shot meditation. By allowing the eye to rest, the mind follows and is invited to imagine.

The painting remains in my private collection for now but prints are available on my website :

peace and love
living in peace and love
living in peace and love


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