Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Latin American Artists in Second Life

Museo Karura Art Centre

El MKAC abre sus puertas con 3 objetivos: promover y promocionar las artes en SL y RL; impulsar a los creativos de SL y publicitar sus creaciones y dar a conocer el arte universal.

The MKAC opened its doors with 3 objectives: to encourage and promote the arts in SL and RL, encourage creativity in SL and advertise your creations and expand awareness of universal art

Latin America, with 100s of millions of people speaking 2 languages and restricted media access is a fertile ground for the Internet. I have made a number of contacts and friends in the Latin American world and learned a great deal. I am becoming more and more excited about Brazil, which I see as the nation of the next 20 years as India and China have dominated the last decade.

So just remember to nag me in to studying Spanish more.

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