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If you need to rent a plot, here is a nice one

Welcome to Amatsu Shima and Amatsu Shima 2 (Heavenly Island). Our goal is a peaceful, healthy community.

Please review the covenants:

***Amatsu Shima parcels are rented out with an upfront reservation price of 1 Linden and payment to the rental box associated with the plot. Though Land resell is technically possible, land is NEVER SOLD OR RESOLD on AMATSU SHIMA Islands ***

NOTE: Premium account is not needed for renting land from AMATSU SHIMA Islands. Any SL resident can rent land from AMATSU SHIMA Island and will NEVER be billed by Linden Labs for the land use.
1. Rental Sign Must Say "For Rent"
2. To rent a plot, click 'Buy Land...' under 'About Land', thus paying the listed price of 1 linden
3. Pay the associated HUDDLES RENTAL BOX.
4. The payment is by the week. You can pay for as many weeks as you want at any time, though the minimum is one week at a time. You will be notified when you have 3 days to go, 1 day to go and when you are past due with the rent.

Your rights as the tenant EXCLUDE resell rights for the plot but include ALL other rights like, but not limited to MANAGING ACCESS/ BAN LIST for the plot and terraforming. The land texture is estate - based so it cannot be changed on individual plots. It is changed seasonally for Winter, Spring/Summer, Fall.


1) You can end your tenancy at ANY TIME by vacating the plot and sending an IM to Suzanne Logan or one of the Estate Managers (Corwyn Allen, Taras Balderdash, Razi Semple).
2) In case your rental fees go overdue, you risk having your rental forfeited and all items sent back from the plot. A grace period of 7 days max is allowed.

Please accept group invite or join Amatsu Shima Group to keep you informed of information and Island changes.

Link to this page:

Please contact Suzanne Logan or any of the Estate Managers with questions.

Estate Managers:
Corwyn Allen
Taras Balderdash
Razi Semple

Suzanne Logan
Amatsu Shima Islands

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