Friday, 25 December 2009

From the moon made only of light and imagination, by end of the year wish for the Internet

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2 years ago, having nothing better to, I staged a trip to the Second Life moon for Xmas. It was an interesting artistic experiecne to imagine all the virtual space of Second Life as a planetary system. I converted the flat map of Second Life in to a globe and worked to make it all make sense as a globe. I had to find a place that kind of looked like a moon. And then the flag.

Actually the flag was the hardest part. I did not even consider the US or UK flag. And the UN flag did not cross my mind either. I am not really a flag kind of person. But being on the moon I needed to add a flag. As to you see it just threw a simple black and green flag to represent 2 principles I believe it. Black is the symbol of anarchy and though I am not an anarchist by day I do believe in power breaking down and people having authority for themselves as much as possible. The Green is obvious sustainability.

It was my Xmas hope in 2007 and it remains that the internet will always respect the values of freedom and sustainability, and that the demands of the two can be brought in to harmony. My fear is that global warming will be ignore in the name of consumer freedom or that personal liberty will be reduced in the name of carbon reduction. Seeing a struggle between the economy and environment or freedom and sustainability to me is like seeing a "conflict" between animal and vegetable orders of life.
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