Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The cause of Lag in Second Life, well this is pretty clear


Why does it seem to take forever to get any space to rez in Second Life? Because designers have made the first classic Web development mistake: too much image info to be carried by the available bandwidth.

When I was first learning web design my IT manager put us on 56K downloads even though we had much faster connectivity. He said it was so we would experience the Internet as users would and would not over design. Okay it was a be dramatic and we all rebelled and got it overturned as a massive waste of time, but the core idea was good.

Worse is the designers often don't understand about things like cache. They see their designs spring to life in seconds and don't understand that their computer has stored what could take five minutes to download for a typical user.

The problem of slow rez speeds is every bit as bad as the World Wide Web of 1993. But now you can hear other people bitching about how long it takes for anything to rez. Remember that the first rule of effective web design is getting people to their porn as quickly as possible.

Also you would think that some improvements could be made to the rez experience. Perhaps not just having shapes look grey until fuzzy pictures begin the slow process of rezzing. I recall on the web we used to use incrememntal download, a low rez image first than a high rez, but I have to think that just refreshing a bit on JPG compression would help a great deal. Back in 1999 every web developer worth his salt could reduce any image to half its size. Seems the skills may have been lost, and with 3-D surfaces to cover over 2-D of 10 years ago the problem is really out of hand.

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