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Storm Cells by Oberon Onmura

Storm Cells by Oberon Onmura

at project Z in CetusOpens Nov 15 1PM􀀀

You are looking at about a thousand 8mx8mx8m cubes, each of which is programmed to react to the density of the SL clouds directly overhead. As the cloud density over each cell increases, it simultaneously lightens its color toward white and increases its height. The result is a dynamic multidimensional map of SL's random cloud function.

Each cell is able to capture and display the name of the first person who approaches it. If you want a cell to display your name, simply find one that has no name yet and stand on it for a few seconds.

Please ride one of the tour vehicles, fly around, walk on the surface, fly underneath ... the piece is always changing and looks completely different with various sun and sky settings.

Writeup:Storm Cells is a gorgeous sim-wide installation created by Oberon Onmura opening at project Z on Nov 15 at 1PM. While it's had several incarnations up until now, the current version at project Z is quite exquisite. Both the design and scripting never impose their presence, and they elegantly serve the spectacular vision of this work - which in itself is an art form.

Oberon Onmura is known for conceptual pieces that showcase an impeccable sense of minimalism, elegant scripting, and fluid incorporation of organic elements. For Storm Cells, he scripted SL cloud density reactions, lightning prims, and beautiful color gradations - all within a construction of approximately one thousand 8mx8mx8m cubes, or "storm cells." The cells stretch as wide as the sim, so set your draw distance far!

You don't have to just land on it and fly around to experience it - Oberon has thoughtfully considered the viewer experience, and scripted several sits - one with aerial view of full installation, and several with scripted tours through the storm cells. The tour provides an up-close appreciation of the fluid cloud scripting through the cells, and the beautiful color gradations throughout the sky. For additional amazing color palettes, try different sun and sky settings, and fly around.If you are the first to land on a particular cell, it will display your name for the life of the exhibit! Now you can have both your head in the clouds, and your name in lights.Storm Cells open Sunday Nov 15 at 1PM

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