Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A notecard I got looking for subjects in a VR study

As the numbers of people across the globe that are logging in to virtual worlds or going online for a multitude of reasons continue to increase, it is also increasingly important to understand how new digital media technologies can actually create, strengthen or weaken our ties to others from a personal, local and global perspective.  To that end, University of Florida doctoral student Tredi Felisimo is using the virtual world Second Life to better understand these ties.  Her research is focused on relationships (of all sorts) experienced in this virtual world.

Tredi is in search of willing participants for her research.  As a participant, you will be asked to take part in a private interview.  The interview will be conducted completely in private chat in a private location in Second Life and shouldn't take more than an hour. The text will be logged for analysis.  The interview will cover a broad range of topics regarding your experience in Second Life.  There are no right or wrong answers; simply your interpretation of your own personal experiences.  Your avatar identity will be kept confidential as your information will be assigned a code number. No one including Tredi will ask for your RL identity.

If you are so inclined to be part of this research, please contact Tredi Felisimo by sending her a notecard (as IMs get capped) or via email at Tredi08ATSINGOESHEREgmailDOTSINGOESHEREcom to schedule an interview.  
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