Saturday, 14 November 2009

My Wikipedia Stub for "Imagination Age"

Imagination Age is the concept that the economy and culture of advanced economies is moving beyond Information Age.The idea is that human culture has moved through a number of major stages of development. Civilization has progressed through

* Agricultural Age: Age domination work with wooden tool and animals to produce food.
* Industrial Age: Economy dominated by factories producing commodities.
* Information Age: Economy dominated by knowledge workers using computer and other electronic devices in sectors live research, finance, consulting, information technology and other services.

Following this a new paradigm that virtual technology, high speed internet, and other technology will create a new kind of global culture and economy called the Imagination Age

.Charlie Magee states that the technology that will develop during the Imagination Age would include:

The best bet is on a hybrid breakthrough created by the meshing of nanotechnology, computer science (including artificial intelligence), biotechnology (including biochemistry, biopsychology, etc.), and virtual reality.[1]

Joshua Fouts has been a major of the advocate of the concept of Information. He and Rita J. King have argued that virtual world technology and changes in people's ability to imagine other lives could promote world understanding and reduce cultural conflict [2]
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