Thursday, 19 November 2009

Lesbian club in Second Life

Kittens Lesbian Erotica - **WOMEN ONLY** Club, Disco, Dancing

There is a ugly cold war that may or may not be happening in Second Life. I have meet many lesbians on SL VOIP who claim many men are making female avatars to have sex with lesbians in Second Life. Of course if this is true it means that most likely many men are pretending to be women to have sex with lesbian avatars who are themselves men in real life. Perhaps for this reason lesbian clubs in Second Life are some of the most exclusive spaces in Second Life, like this one with rules not allowing any male avatars.

On the other hand gay clubs never have rules not allowing any female as far as I have seen.

What do I think? I think there are a suspiciously high number of "lesbian" avatars in Second Life. And I think that the exclusiveness of the lesbian society is large part a guilty conscious from many of the men who come in to Second Life pretending to be lesbians, and maybe an effort to deny the obvious conclusion of the Second Life lesbian war.

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