Wednesday, 28 October 2009

New forms of story telling evolving in Second Life

Rise Of A Noble House

Note card says

A series of dioramae, rendered as hand-colored tintypes, depicting the rise of the Shetland clan from provincial backwater merchants to one of the leading houses in the restoration senate.

The tintype is a wet-plate photographic technique from the Victorian era. They were sometimes tinted with paints or enamels after having been made.

The current diorama is always available for free; just buy it at L$0.

The exhibit is on display in a number of locales, including the Aho Museum, the breathtaking Ode sim, and the Pink Candy live music venue. It's permanent home, however is in Antiquity Harbor, at the Sacred Diorama Theater.

This one I actually like a bit. Though I always wonder why Virtual Reality from EVE to Second Life has to be about rising in the Capitalist system.

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