Monday, 26 October 2009

More Japan in Second Life

Japan Shubu, Home of the famous Matsumoto Japanese Castle

Next to American culture alone I think Japanese culture and ascetic plays a major role in forming Second Life

Influence in Second Life are purely inline with Globalisation. America, Japan and Europe dominate Second Life, with Korea, Brazil, Mexico and a few other places contributing. I have never meet an African in Second Life and the continent really does not participate at all in the virtual reality, nor have I ever meet anyone from China. I have meet a number of people from Thailand but not India.

I guess its not just having the technology, as China and India has, but being part of the "neo-liberal" consumer culture. I think it is arrogant of us to, like former President Bush, equate participation in that culture with democracy and freedom. But it is the kind of culture that takes part in Second Life, having wealth, access to global commodity goods and a popular culture consumerism interest. For some reason I have yet to meet anyone from Hyderabad or Bangalore who bothered to come.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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