Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Exploring Space with EVE

It seems a bit too structured and it cost money, but the chance to explore space along with social networks attracts me to EVE after so many years in Second Life. But make no mistakes, the more VRs I see the more I know SL is really the most evolved.

Here is an idea. A Space based game like EVE or the free but less featured Dark Orbit. The you could link Second Life in to one of these Space based games.

Here is a cool idea. EVE could link a planet to a set of SIMs in Second Life. By using Open identity standards I could land on this planet and be taken to a set of SIMs either in Second Life or any Open Sims .

A number of different space games could all link to the same cluster of open SIMS. So using Open Simulator future developers could create planets that can interface with Space Opera Virtual Realities like EVE.

I have done a series of blog posts imagining a moon landing from Second Life.

With this technology it should be possible to link Space Exploration up with virtual reality in the next couple of years.

You can read more about my imagining of Second Life as a planet in a space here.

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