Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The best of the web CDS

The Confederation of Democratic Simulators cluster of SIMS including Al Andalus, Colonia Nova and Alpine Meadow gets my nod for the very best place in Second Life. The SIMs all connected to each other are very different, united by the principles of the CDS.

Most places in Second Life are either random collections of places or islands isolated from all others. Some larger SIMs are constructed by people with shared role play like Caledon. But the CDS group of SIMs is united by a form of democratic government with a code of Law formed in Democratic principles.

After years of wondering around Second Life I have never stated some place is the best, but given the concepts of beauty, community, possibility, and events the CDS community is the first I am willing to say is the best.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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