Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Web 3.0 explained

Here is a demo of how future Web 3.0 could break the line between virtual reality and augmented reality to produce an Internet of real places in real times. Above I am visiting a SIM in Second Life (C* Turkiye - Ortakoy C* based upon a real place in Istanbul with a location in RL that can be pinpointed in Goggle Earth:

Beşiktaş, Cami Sk, 2
34347 Mecidiye, Turkey.

On Google Earth I was able to quickly find a 3-D representation of Ortaköy Mosque which we see in Second Life. It would be possible to combine these two modelling technologies in a SIM to provide a precise model of the world with 3-D buildings that are also SIMS for avatars to interact. It just takes some cooperation between Google and Linden Labs, or a big player like Microsoft to conclude this is possible.

And once the VR situation has become more rich spaces in this virtual world can be precisely located on the globe. For example the real Mosque Ortaköy is at this precise location:

41.047346, 29.026989
+41° 2' 50.45", +29° 1' 37.16"

Google maps can provide rich RL information about this location, including directions, street views, photos, movies, Wiki data, and any kind of information that has a geo tag.

It would be possible to link the RL place to the SL place via users with mobile phones who could be interacting with avatars who are virtually in the same place.

I think this is the future of Second Life and Virtual reality.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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