Monday, 21 September 2009

SL and Peace Day!!!!!

September 21st is the United Nations World Peace Day - a global CEASE FIRE...

On this day in 2007, guns were laid down so that 1.4 million children could have vaccinations and healthcare... what is possible this year?

We are holding a UNITED, Global party for PEACE to celebrate the work of Peace One Day and Peace Jam and the many organisations that promote peace day in and day out. All over the world there are real life events happening to mark this SPECIAL DAY.

In Second Life we have:
SL artists performing on SL stages for you and for transmission to RL venues and RL radio
RL events streamed to our SL stages for you and RL radio transmission
A video presentation about World Peace Day (?)

We are aiming to have 1 BILLION people consciously choose peace and we're counting to keep track of how we are doing at . There you get your unique number - NO EMAIL IS TAKEN - just your name and country. There is NO SPAM.

WE URGE YOU, if you believe in peace, to go and get a number and to wear it in fliptag over your head in SL. If you don't have a fliptag, take a giftbox from a SL peace concert because there is one inside and instructions are clear. If you need help ask someone at one of the venues.

And ENJOY, CELEBRATE and SHARE this wonderful day with us here in SL:

04:00 Japan RL Show - Duzzy Ryder
05:00 Inchino Melson/Xander Nichting
06:00 Carah Nitely
07:00 Russell Eponym
07:30 Shannon Oherlihy
09:00 Alazarin Mondrian
10:00 junivers Stockholm
11:00 Keeba Tammas together with ChangHigh Trinity Sister Yman Juran

12:15 London RL Show from The Bedford
13:30 Lollo String
14:00 London RL Show from The Bedford
15:00 Mankind Tracer
16:00 Beth Odets
17:00 Larkspur - Marin Brewing Company
20:00 Hawaii - Peace Day Parade and Event

04:00 Japan RL Show Tomgirl Euler
07:30 NUSCORE Pearl
08:00 Avvy Barzane
17:00 Brazil RL Show from Teatre Casto Alves - Aldo and Reis
18:00 Paul Nowles

09:00 JeanChristophe Chevalier
09:30 Tamra Sands
10:00 Louis Volare
10:30 Jaypee Platthy
13:30 DonFranko Dagostino
15:00 ANEK Fuchs
16:00 Steely DeCosta

12:00 Amsterdam RL Show from Molly Malone’s pub – Kaycee Drayman, Wannahave Ferarris, Tim Anadyr, Moon Spark and Michel Dastardly

12:15 London RL Show from The Bedford

d.c. al fine (?)
16:00 Canada – Tofino Jam – 4 hours of live music coming live ( for more info on musicans)

Other venues hosting Peace Day parties include Brokeback Babylon ?, Bogart’s Jazz ? and many more.


Inchino Melson - Lady Krimmer - EdDereDe Laval

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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