Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A place in three places, the convergence of levels of reality

To demonstrate the convergence of reality, above is model of the Ortaköy Camii in Istanbul in Second Life.

And above is a virtual model of the same place in Google Earth

And above is a photo of the same place taken from Wikipedia, which has an article on the same place.

Panoramio - Photo of [Untitled]

And another Photo from Panoramio,which also has lot of geo-information.

And finally I give you a video of the place from youTube.

So as you can see geo-meta data can cluster a massive amount of data from different virtual worlds and different data sources to create a very complex experience of a place. Essentially what is missing is the smell, wind and sun but all the information of a place can be combined to form a rich sense. Someone potentially could experience such a place and develop a false memory of having been to the place I imagine. All the details for memory are in place.

The missing piece is a player large enough to combine all this data in a meaningful way.

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