Sunday, 20 September 2009

Explore audio books in 3D library

El Tesoro Libreria de la Alhambr

One of the most innovative and high minded groups in Second Life has to be Al-Andalus, which is using Second Life to create an imagined space of culture, peace and diversity. Their Al hambra is one of the must see places in Second Life with regular events, and now they have developed a library complex where I am here exploring audio books.

Sure these audio books are actually all on line and could be found by a web browser, but Al-Andaulus has made the search not only more interesting by giving it a graphic virtual setting, but has also opened up the possibility of accidental finding via strolling, what you can get in a book store and not really on (unless you think like everyone else who got the book)

I could will be connecting my iPod to this specific library.

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