Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Delphi - Self Assessment, Social Science, Psychology

Delphi is a very interesting space dedicated to 'the portal of the ancient oracle at Delphi, was inscribed the injunction "Know thyself."'

I doubt if Second Life can be a place of self understanding? A very cynical post-modern way to look at SL is to say that once you enter you are just a simulated avatar, there is no real there to connect to. There is no self inside of the avatars that occupy SL space. SL is a kind of schizoid space of avatars disconnected from any solid meaning.

But I rant on.

When I visited Delphi it was empty. So I can't say much about its ability to define the sense of self. About a year ago I used to take part in Second Life social activity. These days I find more and more that I just ignore the people around me. I am turning in to a kind of Second Life sociopath. But I am also reliving that this is the primary form of interaction. You IM people and they never respond. You speak to an AV right in front of your virtual face and they ignore you.

Can a toy reality really offer some kind of deep philosophical truth? Well maybe I will catch a Delphi group and sample what they are doing. The space looks interesting though. Introspection creates amazing art.

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