Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The community on the self meets

Yesterday I wondered about community at Delphi - Self Assessment, Social Science, Psychology, well today I got to "hear" a rather nice talk about the location of the self in Second Life. I blog it here

The chat text of some of this is as follows:

[4:14] Lucian Ravinelli: I often RP a pirate in my RL persona in the SCA, it's not a surprise that I gravitate towards a pirate persona in my SL life.
[4:14] Reflection Freenote: yes, pye, and I wonder what that difference means to them in terms of what they explore and learn about in SL
[4:15] Reflection Freenote: yes, sharry so you began with realism and progressed to impressionism and then surrealism, and so evolved somewhat as art itself has in FL perhpas?
[4:15] Sharry Ragu: I think so.. there is a freedom in SL to express what cannot be expressed in FL
[4:16] Reflection Freenote: Lucian, what is SCA?
[4:16] Areyn Laurasia: Hi everyone
[4:16] Iynque Loire is dressed for Halloween... :)
[4:16] Dragana Noyes: hi all
[4:16] Sharry Ragu waves a hello to Areyn
[4:16] Reflection Freenote: hello areyn, we are just discussing the meaning of our avatars
[4:16] Areyn Laurasia: Aye, sorry I'm late
[4:16] Reflection Freenote: hello dragana
[4:16] Dragana Noyes: hi :)
[4:16] Pyewacket Kazyanenko: its lie contmplaing the meaning of life
[4:17] Sharry Ragu: lol
[4:17] Lucian Ravinelli: The SCA is Society for Creative Anachronism, they, re-create medival society, except without the religion and black plague :/
[4:17] Reflection Freenote: yes pye, very much:)) (or "self" whcih for a human being is very similar)
[4:18] Reflection Freenote: ahhhh Lucian fun!!!! no plague for me thanks (portajohns too I hope;-)
[4:19] Tristan Avedon: i will refrain from plague and religion myself, thanks. :)
[4:19] Reflection Freenote: I wonder if we often reflect upon the meaning of our personal "art" in creating and evolving the avatar?
[4:19] Lucian Ravinelli: yes it is very much fun, and yes they use the portajohns instead of throwing their waste into the street (altothough some people still piss in the road, myself included)

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