Friday, 25 September 2009

Cake Makers

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Cale Bakery in Second Life. As instincts go eating is not that popular in Second Life, but cakes can be where eating meets sex and this bakery is clearly making a try at making some money out of the symbolic meaning of cakes in our culture.

Here we see two campers cut a wedding cake.

And yes people do get virtually married in Second Life, they get married a great deal. They actually even take it serious. Its kind of like High School I guess, relationships forming, breaking up, and reforming but generally never going all the way.

But do they ever go all the way?

Well a friend of mine on a trip to Australia recently told me she meet a woman who was going to Australia to marry someone she had meet on Second Life. That part didn't surprise me. SL is just part of the Internet and people get married after meeting on the Internet every day.

What surprised me was that they had never meet in RL. She was also taking her Second Life son with her to witness it. He was not her RL son. So it sounds like my friend stumbled, in a airport smoking lounge, upon a group of people who were trying to graft SL to RL in one direct and rather foolish swing.

What did I think about all this? I thought that it is unfair that smokers get their own area to meet the most interesting people.

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