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February 8-15, 2010


Speakers and authors are invited to submit one paragraph abstracts (400 words maximum) describing proposed presentations on green science and technology. Presentation topics may include studies in basic research, pilot work on emerging technologies, or position papers describing future directions in research and development. Papers describing the use or manufacture of alternative fuels, energy or resource conservation, improvements in transportation technologies, green chemistry, cleaner manufacturing and more sustainable product development, the production of electricity with reduced emissions, and waste management with fewer environmental impacts are appropriate. Other topics will also be considered. Suitable presentations will include balanced discussions of key "green" features such as environmental impacts and sustainability. Scholarly reviews are solicited and selected manuscripts will be published. This symposium is in open format; contributors should not submit presentations describing confidential or proprietary information.

Extended Abstracts (three pages or less) will be published in a Book of Abstracts available to registrants at the Symposium. Presenters are encouraged to submit appropriate scientific papers no later than the beginning of the Symposium. After acceptance, peer-reviewed papers will also be published either in a suitable journal or book, Advances in Green Science and Technology, edited by Dr. D.W. Tedder, School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332-0100 USA.

A virtual symposium has many advantages when compared to a traditional symposium. First, costs to speakers are greatly reduced because travel and hotel expenses are entirely eliminated! It doesn’t matter where you are physically located, if you can log onto, then you can present. Second, the time commitment to present is greatly reduced. Typically, at least 1.5 to 2.0 actual days of travel time are required to present a 30 min talk in real life. In addition, time is required to prepare visuals and make the presentation. The time commitment to make a virtual presentation is greatly reduced because travel time is completely eliminated! It is still necessary to prepare visuals (e.g., powerpoints), and some time is required to transfer your visuals into second life, and to learn how to use your avatar to make the presentation, but the time commitment is greatly reduced when presenting in virtual reality. Third, the audience is potentially much larger using virtual reality. Each technical session will be recorded, and the recordings will be available through the web. Even if interested parties are not able to attend your session when it is actually recorded, they will be able to access the session through the internet. So your audience is international in scope and potentially in the thousands.

Avatar training and support will be provided to minimize your time commitment to learn how to present effectively in virtual reality. Once recorded, your presentation may be edited and used to advertise and promote your technology.

TIMELINE - Presenters should submit one-paragraph abstracts for review and acceptance as soon as possible, but no later than December 31, 2009. Extended abstracts (three pages - CAMERA READY COPY) should be submitted no later than January 15, 2010 in order to make them available to registrants at the Symposium.

FORMAT - One-paragraph abstracts should include: Title, List of Authors, Affiliations, Mailing Address of speaker, Phone number and Email of speaker. The speaker's name should be underlined in the List of Authors. A succinct one-paragraph description of the proposed topic (400 words or less) is required. Authors should focus on factual descriptions, scientific relevance and lasting value.

One-paragraph Abstracts may be submitted by December 31, 2009, to: Dr. Romane Levee at or by visiting Dr. Levee in SL at the Society office in VIO.

Presenters should prepare to orally present a talk consisting of powerpoint visuals that does not exceed 30 min in length. Sessions will be recorded and the recordings made available to interested parties after the Symposium. Formal papers will be peer reviewed and selected papers published after revision.

The Society is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, scientific, and literary purposes as specified in Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, including for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future Federal Tax Code. To this end the Society shall organize symposia, meetings, and other educational forums, and publish proceedings, books, and journals to advance the public and scientific awareness of green science and technology, to the benefit of the public, researchers, and engineers and scientists who are dedicated to the development of sustainable and renewable technologies for the benefit of mankind and the welfare of the environment and plant earth.


Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life

Another chat in Open Habitat

[6:12] Rober1236 Jua is Online
[6:14] Annie Dunham: Confrontation with hostile energy has a very different effect on a person who is confronted (in the same place by the same person) with a loving energy.
[6:15] Marvin Macbain: What does "cold intelligence" versus warm organic fuzziness have to do with hostile versus loving? Or do you intend a connection between these distinctions?
[6:15] Annie Dunham: In this virtual world our sense of smell is rendered useless, as is our sense of taste, our sense of touch, and our sense of hearing in rendered very close to useless as well. But as humans, as animals, we adjust.
[6:15] Rober1236 Jua: We also lose our 3-D vision
[6:15] Annie Dunham: I think there is a clear connection between the two analogies.
[6:15] Rober1236 Jua: our sense of temperature
[6:16] Rober1236 Jua: its all just eyeballs and ears
[6:16] Annie Dunham: That would go along with touch, temperature that is, I'm not sure what you mean by losing our 3-D vision.
[6:16] Annie Dunham: I believe I see three dimensions of my avatar at this moment we are speaking.
[6:16] Annie Dunham: Perhaps you meant it in a more specific way.
[6:17] Marvin Macbain: I think he means stereoscopic vision.
[6:17] Marvin Macbain: Allowing direct depth perception.
[6:17] Rober1236 Jua: Yes the factt we have 3-D eyes
[6:17] Rober1236 Jua: also I find that when I stich images from SL together in photosynth I get imperfect 3-D images
[6:17] Annie Dunham: Ok, then even the main sense we use in-world, sight, even that is curtailed.
[6:17] Rober1236 Jua: as compared to RL
[6:18] Annie Dunham: In a certain way.
[6:18] Rober1236 Jua: something is kind of wrong with basic rendering of 3-D in SL
[6:18] Rober1236 Jua: its good enough but I am having trouble getting photos that capture 3_D well
[6:18] Annie Dunham: Uhuh.
[6:18] Marvin Macbain: Well Annie, you seem to be saying that we miss out on a lot in a virtual environment.
[6:18] LadyGray Hykova: Oh by the way Rober and I are a hive identity
[6:20] Rober1236 Jua: We miss out a great deal
[6:20] Rober1236 Jua: but we fill that in with imagination
[6:20] Rober1236 Jua: SL is an imagined community
[6:20] Annie Dunham: I am saying that, Marvin, but that's more of the means to the end. The real point is that we are confronted first by a computer screen, then systematically confronted with more and more things that filter what senses are valuable etc....until we are actually in-game and are confronted with things the way I am confronted with Robert right now as I did not notice him arrive.
[6:20] Rober1236 Jua: with limited cues for its reality
[6:20] Rober1236 Jua: Dad had Here I am
[6:21] LadyGray Hykova: me too notice me Im really hot
[6:21] Annie Dunham: So what I'm saying is that we really don't miss out on anything because it is in our ability and in our nature to become immersed in experience, and computers and second life were designed to use/exploit this ability.
[6:21] LadyGray Hykova: I'm Rober's dream woman who follows him around
[6:21] Annie Dunham: Afterall, humans created computers and humans created Second Life.
[6:21] Rober1236 Jua: That immersion is called the Imaginary
[6:21] Marvin Macbain: One of the things I dealt with when I started up was my reaction to hyper-sexed female avatars.
[6:21] Rober1236 Jua: In Psychoanalysis
[6:21] Rober1236 Jua: There arer a number of studies and theories about just that experience
[6:22] Marvin Macbain: After a while I got pretty much desensitized.
[6:22] Annie Dunham: So what I'm saying is that rather than "missing out" on anything when in game, we actually deduct certain portions of ourselves (that would otherwise be active in, say, the airport you used in your earlier example Marvin) and we are actually not the same PEOPLE in world as we are out-world.
[6:22] LadyGray Hykova: Yuor imagination becomes formal and rigid
[6:22] Annie Dunham: We are actually different people.
[6:22] Annie Dunham: From ourselves.
[6:23] LadyGray Hykova: Do any of you mind if I bog this?
[6:23] Marvin Macbain: Well, I suppose that may happen in differing degrees to different people.
[6:23] Annie Dunham: And I would take issue to the idea that immersion is interchangeable with the world "imaginary," if that is indeed what you have put forth, Robert.
[6:24] Annie Dunham: I would disagree with that on an all-encompasing level.
[6:24] Marvin Macbain: bog?
[6:24] Annie Dunham: Bog?
[6:24] Annie Dunham: Like a marsh?
[6:24] LadyGray Hykova: blogs
[6:24] Annie Dunham: Hm?
[6:24] Annie Dunham: What?
[6:24] Rober1236 Jua: Well Psychonalaysic thinks about different orders of reality in which we place ourselves
[6:24] Rober1236 Jua: as children we see mirror images of ourselves and come to attach ourselves to them
[6:24] Annie Dunham: Hold your horses now, what's all this about bog and blogs.
[6:25] Rober1236 Jua: in time these attachments lead to placement in systems and structures, complex communites.
[6:25] Annie Dunham: Before I move onto something that makes sense I would like to know what you are talking about with these bogs and blogs.
[6:25] Annie Dunham: Um, directed to Lady and Marvin.
[6:25] Rober1236 Jua: We can sey hat when we accept the avatar as us we are entering SL on an Imaginary level
[6:25] Rober1236 Jua: Oh I have a blog
[6:25] Rober1236 Jua: its on my profile
[6:25] Annie Dunham: ...
[6:25] Rober1236 Jua: I blog all over SL
[6:26] Rober1236 Jua: and when I overhear an interesting conversation I like to blog it
[6:26] Marvin Macbain: I only asked the same question you did, Annie. I assume he means to appropriate some of the material from this conversation.
[6:26] Annie Dunham: was there a cross conversation going on that i missed?
[6:26] Rober1236 Jua: with you consent
[6:26] Rober1236 Jua: I would just post it all as is
[6:26] Rober1236 Jua: Well actually from the Lady's perspective
[6:26] Rober1236 Jua: This is a work machine so I can go to SL but not blog
[6:26] Marvin Macbain: sorry, she
[6:26] Annie Dunham: Sure, just include my avatar's name so I can find it.
[6:26] Marvin Macbain: No problem on my side.
[6:26] Annie Dunham: That's total informed consent, doctor.
[6:26] LadyGray Hykova: ]It will show up just like chat discusion
[6:27] Annie Dunham: Do your worst.
[6:27] Rober1236 Jua: It will just be word for work
[6:27] Rober1236 Jua: word
[6:27] Marvin Macbain: I am afraid I need to take a shower and get going to work :(
[6:27] Rober1236 Jua: I am intersting in this group and its discussion of identity
[6:27] Annie Dunham: If I start turning large and green when I get angry I'm going to find you, though.
[6:27] Rober1236 Jua: Well I will take my chances.
[6:27] Annie Dunham: No need to be afraid of the shower Marv. Good talking to you and cheers.
[6:28] Marvin Macbain: bye
[6:28] Annie Dunham: Ciao mate
[6:28] Rober1236 Jua: Okay getting ready to blog
Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life

Quantum Birds Flick in an out

Birds flying in Second Life, flicking in an out. Suddenly one emerges, flies for a while, and then vanishes. This is how particles in RL behave at the subatomic level.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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More snap shots of gay like in SL

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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Boystown in Second Life

Listening in on gay chat in Second Life

Thing I notice is that Gay Avatars are not much different than s

The differences I have noticed in active gays in SL and others avatars is clothing and the degree to which they are sexual. Gay's in SL wear clothing in line with gay culture, but all the lesbians I have seen are highly sexual in the same way as men.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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// BOYSTOWN - Second Life's Premier Gay Scene

// BOYSTOWN - Second Life's Premier Gay Scene

Listening in on some gay community Chat in Second Life

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The world in one SIM

Over the Rainbow, the world compacted in to one SIM, kind of like one of those New Yorker covers

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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MHS Beagle, Second Life, and How Darwin Changed my Life

Model of the HMS Beagle, perhaps the most important ship in the history of knowledge.

It is my philosophy that knowledge is voyage. Ideology and even philosophy can be extracted from books on chairs, but new knowledge is always connected with voyages. I believe that no species that does not establish mass trading empires or conduct long voyages in relative peace will be able to collect the kind of evidence needed to form the "truth" of evolution, and without that theory there is a limit to complexity theories including biology.

So in all Universes the voyage is the key element in forming knowledge, and my voyage through Second Life is greatly inspired by Darwin more than any other scientist. His slow constant collection of forms and their catalogue is what built the body of material up to establish that the normal common-sense understandings of life and its history were not adequate. If Darwin has stayed in his garden he would have not been able to fully see that the world was not a garden, travel the world made him see more of what was going on.

And in my own studies of Second Life I find books, conferences, and web discussions to be of only so much value. I have needed to make a wide ranging voyage over the Space of Second Life to try and break out of the kind of single SIM thinking we sometimes form to get a greater understanding of what is forming avatars. In a way our questions are the same, he looked at bodies and I look at avatars but we are both trying to see what forms these structures.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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Friday, 25 September 2009


Volcan Arenal

Volcanoes are popular in Second Life, but they are not realistic. I have been in some extinct volcanoes and they are massive holes in the earth with great mountains around them. Amazing things here turned in to little kiddie pools.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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1001 Arabian Nights!!!

Note I got, sounds fun

1001 Arabian Nights!!!

Join us at the Criss Museum of Contemporary Art as we go back in time to the mysterious glamour of the Arabian Nights.Wear your best PG - rated silks and robes and dance the night away to the music of DJ Simon Janic and await the surpriseAlso, arrive early and browse thru the museum and take in the latest artists rotation.
Sept. 25th, 5-7pm SLT
Event area MCA, take the
Lm then walk to the back via the gallery to annex gallery and event area.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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Office in the Sky

Office space in the sky with large panda. I would also comment that this was the first time I had to know my SL left from my SL right. I got it wrong. Took the thing off my virtual left hand I want to take off my virtual right hand. Just letting go of a grasp can be tricky in a complex set up in SL.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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Orange Island » The Orange Island project comes to an end

Orange Island » The Orange Island project comes to an end

Another nail in Second Life's coffin.  Orange Island could have been an institution, but it is gone now.
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Cake Makers

. . . . :: Piece of Cake! Bakery :: . . . .

Cale Bakery in Second Life. As instincts go eating is not that popular in Second Life, but cakes can be where eating meets sex and this bakery is clearly making a try at making some money out of the symbolic meaning of cakes in our culture.

Here we see two campers cut a wedding cake.

And yes people do get virtually married in Second Life, they get married a great deal. They actually even take it serious. Its kind of like High School I guess, relationships forming, breaking up, and reforming but generally never going all the way.

But do they ever go all the way?

Well a friend of mine on a trip to Australia recently told me she meet a woman who was going to Australia to marry someone she had meet on Second Life. That part didn't surprise me. SL is just part of the Internet and people get married after meeting on the Internet every day.

What surprised me was that they had never meet in RL. She was also taking her Second Life son with her to witness it. He was not her RL son. So it sounds like my friend stumbled, in a airport smoking lounge, upon a group of people who were trying to graft SL to RL in one direct and rather foolish swing.

What did I think about all this? I thought that it is unfair that smokers get their own area to meet the most interesting people.

This avatar is a robot

clicking on it brings up

I am a prop and am AFK 100% of the time

I do not own Piece of Cake or create anything in here. Please IM Genie Bade with any questions regarding Piece of Cake she is the creator and owner of this shop :)

Thank you,

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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Best Hand Job in Town



One shot in the endless war to get traffic to SIMs and thus raise profile in search and attract people off maps.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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One thing SL can seem to make real

Solace Gardens Outdoor Concert & Event Venue
I logged on to find less than 40,000 people in world this morning. Now its the middle of the night in the US true, but Japan and Korea are still on and its Friday in Europe. These numbers have grown little over the past year and if the crowds don't come all of Second Life's creativity could be for nothing.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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New to this Universe?

It has been stated to me time and time again by others, and I have observed it again, that it is common for new players to wear wings. Many people attribute this to the fact they are amazed by the ability to fly. But a few years back I had to read some Lacan on the Mirror Phase and I observed that he said dreams with wings in them are signs of recent identity assumption of a crisis in identity. Lacan said the wings were a sign of the fragmented body, which would be resolved by the assumption of a strong identity in the Imaginary state.

So that is now my reading of the newbies have wings, that entering Second Life gives one a fragmented body and wings are a step in the struggle to form a more solid identity.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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