Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Message from Serenity Questi

Drum Circle Gallery

Hi Everybody!

If you haven't stopped by Drum Circle lately, a lot of changes have taken place, and more to come. Actually I'm planning a huge party to show it all off in a couple of weeks, but I'm half way through and already so excited I had to share it with all of you.

FIrst of all, on the collaboration patio you'll find a second set of fractal jewelry by the talented Chyrstine Charron. In additon, another fractal in motion, the best yet, in my opinion, by Treacle Darlandes, some new collaborations by my quirky friend Simulat Almendros, and I've finally displayed the collaborations done by my beloved Cosmo Questi in the way that they deserve.

Even more exciting, Cosmo has created a cool tp-er to the roof, where you'll find a whole host of amazing things. (Now that the space ship went to its home planet, I have the prims to play with.)

Up there you'll find a brand new meditation iceburg made by my friend Trevor Daines (And stop by his new gallery just to the west of me while you're at it), a variety of sculptures by Treacle Darlandes and Eliza Quinzet, a chair by Morgaine McBride, and a lamp by Kip Rayna.

I'm just loving all these collaborations!

Stop by, check it out, let me know what you think!
And keep your eye out for that party, because it's going to be off the hook!
-Serenity Questi

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