Friday, 31 July 2009


** Woods of Cardonicus and Village of Piedmont **

I have found that sex RP sims are often the most detailed and beautiful. This fits in to the general nature of art where sexual motivation drives us to produce some of the most sublime and well worked art. Sex offers not only a great motivation to designers to stay up all night , but sexuality is key to issues of identity and relationships to others.

I think maybe communities of "pervs", people with sexual interests outside of the TV definition of sexuality, will continue to form some of the richest communities in Second Life, like the Gorian community.

Goean SIMS are some of the best quality and detail in SL. These communities may form Guild in the future, building SIMS to be sold to more conventional groups for more ordinary purposes. In the way the software industry took of in large part because there was a community of dateless geeks obsessed with the new technology a class of sex deviants could produce much of the virtual world of Web 3.0

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