Thursday, 23 July 2009


Facilitated by Phil Youngblood (SL: Vic Michalak)
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Every other Thursday 9:00-10:00am SLT
Starts 23 July 2009

This seminar will explore interdisciplinary scientific collaborations and how they have often led to a better and broader understanding of our world and to breakthroughs in fields of science that might otherwise not have been accomplished within a particular field of study.

The seminar is inspired by a presentation in February 2009 for Nymf's Science Circle by Piet Hut (SL: Pema Pera) entitled "Knowledge of Knowledge" in which he suggested that:

"Many of the most interesting problems in current scientific research require interdisciplinary collaborations... From cognitive science and systems biology to environmental studies and challenges like critical evaluations of alternative medicine, we need teams of specialists to talk and work together. However, differences in culture and methodology provide significant barriers for broadly interdisciplinary collaborations. What is needed for broadly interdisciplinary studies is not only an increase in knowledge, but rather a focus on knowledge of knowledge."

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