Sunday, 26 July 2009

Butler, Materialisatoin and Second Life

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In Second Life is the location of a project to enact a Body Image through performance. Creating gender is part of this project. Judith Butler sees the body as constructed or materialized via Foucault's epistemes of power, and like Foucault sexuality is a form of praxis or deliberate political construction of the self. Gender is a key technology we enact to make identities. Butler strongly stresses the importance practice in gender creation. But she also reaches out to Lacan and those forms psychoanalysis that place the entire process of identification and Unconscious in Language. Gender must, she seems to argue be grounded in a form of identification. Foucault and Mauss describes a process by which bodies and sexualities are imposed by Regimes of power, and Butler agrees with the root cause. But where the human means these systems there must be an inscription in to the system by the individual. If power presents an ideology like Communism which holds not place for the majority of those living under it to see themselves and know who they are they will fail in the face of other systems more experienced in this like religion. Butler can not accept the self in language failure to present a theory how the human is put in to the system, Lacan does. Thus her work tried to bridge the two traditions coming out of Marx and Freud.
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