Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Burn out of let down?

Recently I have had rather aggressive aversion to going inworld. This is more than just being tired of SL, rather its a desire to NOT go inworld, a preference to do anything or do nothing than do SL.

Not sure why this is.

Personally I noticed that when I was under a great deal more stress a couple of years ago I was enamored by Second Life, I could not play enough and I could not stop thinking about it. Over the past few weeks, during a period in my life where my overall stress level has come radically down I find I not only don't want to play, but have a desire to put distnace between myself and it

So what can I say I have noticed?

Well in my case the motivation for going in world was not boredom but the opposite. My RL used to be too busy and too stressful. Living out of hotel rooms, scrambling to obtain contracts and dealing with personal issues SL was a silly world in which I could indulge more childish needs and play games. Today RL is getting pretty set: eew more stable job, personal finances in great shape, graduate school near done. So I would rather just sit in a chair and watch the sun set than go in to Second Life. I force myself to go in to keep the blog going but its more interest in the blog than in the experience. I have recently actually attended some great lectures and podcasts in SL but I almost have to force myself to attend. My emotional relationship with SL is now getting the the way of my collaboration.

The fact that SL engages users on a more emotional level than say Facebook is a strength but more a weakness. People can fall in love with SL in a way they can't fall in love with Twitter, but people can just as easily fall out of love. Your emotional investment can flood out the information exchange.

This is the issue of the Imagination Economy, it functions on a level more chaotic than the Internet has tended to. To date the Interent has been something of a geeky experience of collecting and flaming. SL and other Virtual Worlds offer the opportunity to connect via Imagination in to a rich but more controlled world, with younger better looking selves and easy social relations. This can attract us but in time the suture does not cover, and we might revolt. That is what is happening with me.

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