Friday, 12 June 2009

Virtual Worlds News: Plans Second Life "Embassy"

In March, Linden Lab VP of customer relations Cyn Skyberg introduced a policy change that would see Adult-only activities and content in Second Life moved to a separate continent. "The core goals of this initiative are to improve Second Life for everyone -- by giving Residents more control over what they see, and by providing the best available method to make Adult content accessible only to those who ought to (and who desire to) access it," the post said.
Virtual Worlds News: Plans Second Life "Embassy"

Prediction.  The adult only continent will see 80% of traffic and commerce, and will become infamous for lag. Linden Labs will need to provide more and more resources to the adult only continent because of lag and in time SL will become dominated by the resource needs of the X-rated land mass.

To me this makes no sense.  It looks like ghetto creation or even ethnic cleansing and puts Linden Labs in the business it precisely always said it did not want to be: making ethical based judgments on the conduct of users.  This essentially utterly compromises the core political spirit that has made Linden Labs unique and puts it on the same level as Yahoo or Google. 

Technically since X-rated activity always makes up such a vast part of Internet activity it would make more sense to keep the current distribution of SIMs for load.  As for filters, people don't wonder around the space of SL but TP to specific places.  I have walked and flow across all the major land masses of Second Life and I don't see anyone else doing it ever, so the logic of having an X-rate continent is not clear.

I think it is to make SL more interesting to outsiders.  I saw a group of born again Christians on twitter who will now use SL because there is also going to be a PG continent.  But this only means LL has comprised itself to their level.  This is not just a moral and political issue, since LL entire business model is that it keep out of the moral choices of its memebers.

It also further fragments the space of SL making any kind of political citizenship even more impossible. 
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