Sunday, 7 June 2009

SIMS 3 in Second Life

Echo McBride has a fanatics group for SIM 3 but for some reason it is not open to the public.

The description:

Group dedicated to fans of the game Sims 3. A group where you can chat
about our favorite game, ask for help and tips on how to play, and even advice
on what color wall paper should go with the flooring you've picked out.
Anyone can join. Its a new club so feel free to join. Any and all
are welcomed.

There is also Second Life Simmers run by Jaide Beck, this one has open enrollment and its description is:

The SIMS 3 is OUT! WOO! Are you gonig to run out and buy it, or run to your pc
and downlaod it? Have you already done so? AHH! Do you enjoy building the
perfect house, or starting a long generation of sims? Do you have a
creative side and enjoy making movies, or writing stories based on your
Sims? Do you like reading on The Sims 2 BBS and checking The Sims 3 webiste for
new stuff? Wow You are a SIMmer. :) Join the group Whether you've played from
the begining, or are new!
To be honest I would have assumed more SIM nuts in Second Life. I have been away from SIMs myself for about 6 years, but I found the concept similar and in the day I was a nut for SIM Earth, SIM CITY, and SIM Creature. When I moved to London I used to deal with my anxiety of the size and risks of a new business in a massive city by creating a little London in SIM City 2000 on a Mac.

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