Sunday, 28 June 2009

Heterosexual spaceship

A cluster of make out balls, pink and blue in the back of a sexy very heterosexual spaceship.

*=*=*SR-720 Promo Info: Release H*=*=*
The SR-720 Skymaster is the first nonphysical aircraft by Lentgreen Soy. Countless hours went into the scripting, modeling, and complete customization of this premium luxury cruiser.

It is also now featured on SL exchange! Its listing can be found at:

-A color changing script
-Two different flight modes: One for hover, and one for realistic flight.
-A full two-tiered menu system that handles every aspect of the ship, including its side and interior doors
-A cloaking device that renders the ship invisible on command
-An HUD text display for the pilot that shows direction and regional coordinates
-A guest user system that allows a guest to pilot the Skymaster and operate its menu
-A pilot's seat that ejects anyone attempting to sit on it from the aircraft, unless they are the Skymaster's owner, or a guest user. The Pilot can also eject either of the other two seats in the cockpit at will.
-An advanced nonphysical flight engine with body roll, a separate mouselook mode, sim-crossing ability, and a remote control flight mode
-Side doors that can be opened or close individually or together, each with its own access ramp and steam particle effects.
-Internal hardware lighting that automatically turns off at daybreak and on at night, with a manual override mode
-Over eleven interior seats, each activated by touch, as well as countless poseballs in the living quarters and private room
-Interior doors that are opened on touch, and can be locked and unlocked via the ship's menu
-Visible turbines that spin and make realistic turbine noise on activation, along with particle engines that work as thrusters and activate on flight
-A Television equipped with the FreeView script, than can play picture slideshows as well as video content
-Touch-activated interior pose controllers that show and hide sit text and poseballs throughout the ship
-An invisiprim distributer that gives a wearable invisiprim to anyone who touches it
-A living quarters full-sized bed with a couple sets of poses
-A "cuddle sofa" in the back of the ship, complete with some very romantic but completely clean poses
-A hot tub, also in the back of the ship, complete with more cuddly poses, as well as a button that activates or deactivates the tub's steam

As of November 13, 2006, the Skymaster can be obtained completely free at the SL exchange listing.

--Lentgreen Soy

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