Sunday, 7 June 2009

Blues Museum

CC LOON's Blues Museum

To be honest, in a place as white bread, suburban soccer Mon, Ronald Reagan as Second Life mostly is it is good to see some place that pays tribute to African American culture. If only it was not just a blues museum. Most post-colonialism has no problem consuming others and minorities as commodities, as curry meals, tacos, blues music or basketball. Blues music is popular in Second Life like it is on the North Side of Chicago: listened to by white people.

Its sometimes frustrating to get people to take seriously that the lack of dark skinned, Asian, African or Hispanic AVs in Second Life is a serious matter that harms Second Life greatly. The Internet is the site of a new re-arrangement of existing cultural forms, and many in Second Life want to make sure the perspectives of those who lived in colonies or experienced racism are ignored. Rush Limbaugh gets his 3 hours on the radio a day, but how much contact with African, Indian, South American native cultures do you get in a month on SL?

What troubles me is a meet a lot of people who are sick or disabled in SL and the space is actually their main social form. I recall a long period I was away on business for months and actually SL was the only solid community I had. Second Life provides community for an ever growing number of people and if it emerges just as a white American colony it will have done a great harm.

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