Monday, 18 May 2009

A virtual black business woman in Second Life

Sunrise Mansion Magnolia Garden
Sunrise Mansion Magnolia Garden, Isla del Estrella (213, 173, 21)

This gallery is owned by Indea Vaher. Indea has selected to use a dark skinned avatar in Second Life. Many people have noted that SL tends to be a very white place, though I also notice that people often tend to dress in hip-hop clothing associated with African Americans.
Indea describes her gallery and its mission in these words:

"The Sunrise Gallery and Museum was created in the tradition of Melrose Plantation, by artist Indea Vaher, a place for artists, especially artists of the diaspora to display their work. Special events, entertainment, and new exhibits month"

What is a bit interesting is that Indea has made a very strong no RL statement on her avatar profile. I am not sure if this means that she will provide no information about her real identity. I am not sure what to think about the identity of people in SL who make strong ethnic claims and yet do not provide RL data. I guess it is anyone's right to decide to be dark skinned or female in SL and I would tend to take Indea "at her word" or should I say "at her avatar", even though her avatar is telling me that it is separated from RL.

I tend to think it does not matter what people are in RL so much, that SL could use more people with dark skinned avatars regardless of who they are in RL. That one of the values of SL could be that people can assumes cultural identities they wish to support.

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