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Ritual in Second Life

Ritual in Second Life, the sacrafice is reborn, Pleasure Island

This is the notecard they gave me.

"In Worldviews Smart defines ritual as something in which “both words and bodily gestures typically are used, and ritual acts are thus a special class of performative acts.” Also Smart says that “religious ritual also conveys feelings and relationships, and indeed often transfers an unseen reality from one sphere to another.” For our purposes this fits in perfectly with the ritual we are trying to establish. In Second Life we have a community structure of cabins formed in a circle around our sustaining feature, the tree of life. For we must appease the earth mother that provides us with such bountiful harvest and to appease her we must consecrate the bond in two ways: through an intimate visit and through sacrifice, a process we call rejuvenation.

"The beginning of rejuvenation is enacted once the chosen one emerges from his cabin after the ceremonial intake of marijuana. The chosen one then makes a complete circle around the community to draw its followers outside to witness the ceremonial disrobing, all standing in an almost complete circle with the chosen one posited before the teleporter. As the chosen one is standing and disrobing the rest of the members begin to chant the sacred chant of reverence: “Earth Mother, sustainer of life, giver of ganja, praise be to you and the bounty you bring. Accept this most finest male as an offering for you in return for all that you do for us. Praise be to Earth Mother.”

"The intimate visit takes place in the skybox on the bed of the earth mother where the covenant is renewed in spirit through the union of worldly parts. After the seed has been transferred for the bounty of the earth mother the sacrifice occurs. From an opening in the skybox the fortunate follower steps off and falls to his death on the spiky pit lying directly underneath the surface of the water. The blood spilt is transferred into the water which filters itself back into the sustaining life force of the tree- the pool of water that the tree sits in.

"One obstacle in the way of the performative acts of the ritual is the ability for the individual to transcend the earthly realm and reach the ethereal. In order to achieve the transportation we have developed a way for the individual to transport from our village to the skybox where our earth mother exists. The transportation represents a puritive act in which the individual disrobes before teleporting. The individual must be naked for any interference would be looked down upon by the earth mother, desirous of an all natural appeasement. Also, the individual must teleport in an altered state achieved through the use of mariuana products prior to teleportation for the substance is favored by the earth mother and causes the sperm to be sterilized to prevent impurities from entering into the life stream.

"The individual to be chosen is always a male as the earth mother prefers male sacrifices and intimate visits from males. After the intimate visit and the sacrifice the blood must be transported to the tree of life. During the intimate visit one of the females of the community teleports down to the shore and causes the spikes to activate. Once the chosen one has been killed on the spikes the blood spilt from his body is collected in a small jar, a minute amount of blood will do, and taken to the tree of life and entered back into the life stream. Upon the re-entering of this blood into the tree of life the chosen one is rejuvenated, reborn into the community and welcomed with open arms. It is because of their diligence and dedication that our community is able to flourish. "

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