Saturday, 30 May 2009

Racism in Second Life

I am kicked out of Deadwood RP in Second Life for wearing Indian Clothing

There was an event in Deadwood, another RP community in Second Life. Deadwood claims to be a wild west RP community. So I decided to come in to the community as a mountain man, dressed in clothing he would have traded with native Indians in the west. Historically an American western town of the late gold rush would have been more likely to see a white man dressed in Indian clothing than say a woman unescorted in the company of men. A white woman who joined men when drinking took place would only have been a prostitute, but history is all about prejudice in Second Life, and Neo-Victorianism is generally about the assertion of white western domination through fantasy.

But Second Life historical RP is generally more about current prejudices and racism, and in this case the racism of Addison Leigh who became obsessed with the idiotic idea that a white man could not, or would not possibly have worn clothing traded with Indians in the west. My wearing Indian clothing in Second Life really pissed his little Aryan off something terrible. When I tried to explain that I was playing a mountain man who had lived in the wild for years and traded with the Indians she claimed this never happened, that South Dakota in 1870s would have had no such mountain men.

This is a sad example of what Second Life RP so often is. People claim to be playing history, but their re-enactment of fantasies more often then not enact ideological racism from the current age. And Miss Addison Leigh kicked me out of her little Aryan colony.

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