Monday, 11 May 2009


Steelhead Boomtown Commons American Steampunk 19th c. community

Trekking on the surface of Steelhead Boomtown Commons. This is a steampunk community. Steampunk is a very established identity of Second Life, and also has some followers in RL. Generally they look to re-imagine Victorian society with the assumption that the difference engine was built, and worked, and a computer revolution got going in 1880 and not 1980. But in reality they just try to image lots of gadgets and clothing that looks "Victorian" or "19th Century".

This is of cource all an imagined play thing, and the true poverty and inequality of Victorian society is bleached on in a flood of neat gadgets.

Boomtown is interesting because a system of underground tunnels have been modelled. These tunnels take up Prims and probably re used for something.

I can't help escape the Gothic feel of the tunnels under a vision of the Victorian which forgives the Victorian, and the white Anglo race as a whole, far too much. Perhaps the designer has expression an inner doubt about the viability of idolizing the Victorian through a system of tunnels under it?

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