Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Announcement!!! Interview with Richard Bartle

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May 20th

12PM - Interview with Richard Bartle

A rare treat, Pooky Amsterdam will conduct an interview with Richard Bartle, co-author of MUD, the first multi-user dungeon.
One of the true pioneers of the MMORPG, this is a chance to share his insights and ask him questions live in The StudioDome.
All are welcome to participate. Interview will be conducted in voice, and text questions will be taken.

You are invited to attend this great event.

Earlier in the day at 9AM

Workshop Title: Relocatable Laboratories in the Metaverse
"Second Life as a Media Platform"

Pooky Amsterdam will speak on Media & Second Life
Dates: Wednesdays, 9 am SLT

Using the Second Life platform for media includes:
1) Creating and producing original video and live content that is live online viewer entertainment with audience participation, a concept Pooky pioneered in 2003-2008 on Habbo Hotel UK;
2) Using Second Life for branded content such as series, shorts and commercial films which establish a "Shared Experience" between brand and audience;
3) Using Second Life to build a community around a brand by offering tailored events befitting the product or service, thereby building audience, traffic and attention. With the use of machinima (cinema created on machine)
PookyMedia is producing high quality video. This is the Golden Age of the Internet, and PookyMedia is on the forefront of entertainment.
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