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Science Fictionary

We come (& WELCOME!) to the Science Fictionary already inspired by centuries of writing; here is our chance to make history with a science fiction story in the round. Yes, we will create literature of the future about the future using the present future we inhabit here.

-Take your spot, your turn will come and you will have a paragraph to add to our weekly literary voyage.

All very welcome, established writers and simply curious critics alike! The weekly meeting of Science Fictionary is held on Thursdays at Midday SLT (7pm GMT) hosted by Pooky Amsterdam at Nature's Rooftop Cafe.

For more info, IM Joanna Wombat or Pooky Amsterdam

See you there!

The story so far...

There was no sun, not in the conventional sense, the giant star like ball of energy had been created seemingly eons ago. So long ago no one really knew anymore. There were cults about it over the planet, but no one really knew.

" Did they even care," thought Joanna? "As long it went on at the right time it didn't matter" - Although beng on the repair unit for it was a pain, she had to admit. What a day job! -Pooky

The only part of the shift she enjoyed was the occasional wait for compile time that left her with nothing to do for an hour, but was still too short to hassle with the 3 hour trip back to the surface. She spent quite a bit of that mulling over an unusual monitor that displayed a bit pattern that seemed static at first but after quite some time was apparently shifting ever so slowly...- Zen

Everyone knew the shift was happening, but it seemed to make no difference. Nothing came, nothing changed, and it was so far from the surface to be nothing more than a blip on the political radar. But looking at the montior, Joanna couldn't help wondering if it wasn't moving more quickly. -Joanna

She quickly grabbed the old manual that the maintainance team used to record the compile results. She flipped back only a few eons, but there was nothing on an increasing compile stream. Hmm. She looked towards the bright star she liked to call her "Day Job." And then, that's when she saw, it was redder! -Adrian

Her tools clanged by her side and the robotic assist followed along side her. She had to finish her work in time for the shift which was coming soon indicated by the red alert Nothing would stop her from here and the preparations she had made had gone unnoticed." She called into make her regular report and calmly announced that all scheduled work had been accomplished. But in stating the closing code she made an error. She waited tensely, but the controller responded with standard response. - Courteous

Not that time happened like it happened in language. Everyone still spoke Spanish in America, as they had for hundreds of years. But the way time moved about had changed so much during the nano-time malfunctions of micro-space and micro-time happened all the time, sometimes you just jumped backwards a billionth of a second and only know it for a detector, sometimes space just re-configured itself. Nano-technology pollution was like this.

But this was bad, this was fucking bad. This was something beyond just chaos theory, this was the world of the fucking Gods - Robert

joanna knew her messages were gettign garbled in nano-bork, which meant total lack of continuiy. The automatic way they lived had made people lazier, but even the word lazy had dissappeared form the dictionary a long time ago. She had found some old books, yes she likes the way they came up on the plasma screen, some of them even had pictures. She found old words useful, lazy was one of them. The apathy that came with not having to do much for yourself helped. Afterall the sun was artifical, the food just not the people, that wouldnt be long though. Why was the sun glowing so red she wondered, glad her shift was over, but she couldnt help thinking that the blip on the radar had something to do with it. She had a date tonight, who cared, really. Like she said...lazy. - Pooky

The real problem wasn't really the blip, nor its rather questionable speed, nor the redness. The real problem was that the fancy movement correlator on which the department had burned 10 millions credit last month wasn't showing the blip at all. And that was, in theory, impossible. - Morgaine

Impossible, however, seemed a rather fluid concept, as Joanna would shortly have found out, had her eyes not been trained on her lipstick in the mirror at the precise moment the state of the art screen went black and the view from the window nothing but bright white light... - Joanna

Joanna knew this wasn't right. Science, nor technology, could explain this. The creds were gone, which could only mean the nano-hydrogen had run out. That's why the artifical star was red, but that didn't explain the sudden brightness...unless... No! A nova, this can't be! She ran back to and jumped into the magnetic resonance chute (don't ask!) and floated up to the blue swirling waves above... - Adrian

Her date would have to wait and she contemplated giving him a heads up on the impending nova. The chute would place her near the Nuclear accelerator and it would be the only hope for the planet. Then she remembered the sweetness of her last date and decided...oh well, it probably wouldn't work any way and turned the MR chute to the city and her patiently waiting date. - Courteous

Again none of this was right in theory.

Not that theory matter much anyways. Theory was nice to have now, but nothing in reality seemed to bother with theory. Theoretically impossible things happened all the time, and messed up things happened all the time. And all the angles inside the bright light were interesting but nothing compared to some drugs she had taken in the morning.

The important thing was her date tonight. How often can you date a God, or maybe in this case a Devil. Those beings that came when the nanos started to mess up time and space. How often did one of these beings ask you out

If the entire Universe collapsed right now he could make it all right over diner, just as long as enough of her conscious lasted somewhere that long, with 11 dimensions to insert resonances in that should not be a problem. But as long as she could download herself in to some fold of N-Space she could make her date and ask to have the world saved. But what the hell, it would also be cool to save the world herself. Yah that would be non-lazy. What was the word for not lazy, “no perezoso”, active, ambitious, striving, determined? Mobile: móvil. - Robert

Courteous was a god, or was he Joanna wondered? Aren't we all gods? Space is mutating, 11 dimensions. What is the shipboard cat staring at? Joanna saw nothing. Perhaps Couteous will see it when he comes..........Lnn

Joanna traced the cat's gaze to a shimmer on the body of the robotic assist. Could the nano-pollution have breached the ship's seals? She quickly pressed the buttons initiating a decontamination, took a deep breath, and ducked back in to the magnetic resonance chute............Susan

Joanna prepared her herself for the complex fold that brought simultaneous times and interlacing spaces intimately together. Just as her instructors had trained her, she manipulated nibits like layered textures, until a recognizeable hyper-geometry manifested. The contaminated prelements drifted to the periphery. Somehow she was aware the cat was purring softly, and she felt through that nearly orgasmic pleasure consistent with the correct hramonizing of pre-space structuring. mmmm a pleasant prelude to Courteous' encounter..........Physter

Joanna decided if her date was god-like, besides the body he inhabited which actually glowed in the dark Of this she was sure, and she couldnt wait to try it out. Actually, he might then be able to help. What did Courteous do besides glow in the dark, and didn't you need a special clearance for that? He had come some time ago to inspect one of the dimension boards, and they had wound up talking for quite a while, even in nano seconds. She decided to ask him to meet her here- afterall a potentially exploding sun would either be avoided with his help- OR it woudl be a nice way for the world to end in the collective glow.....Pooky

The sun might be collapsing, it was growing redder, bigger and hotter. Strange thing was Joanna could feel her emotions growing hotter with the red sun. The cat perked his ears and looked at her, then returned to staring intently at the same spot. Was she thinking of Courteous? Or was she at one with the universe, the sun, in an odd way?.................LNN

Joanna flipped some switches on the dimension board and focused the powerful astrophysical stabilization system's sensors on the star-like sun. It would take at least ten minutes to penetrate the violent layers of its plasmasphere. Would that be enough time to calm the potential nova? It wouldn't matter much if it wasn't. Concentrating on the delecate manual operations of the task was so difficult with the pressure and distraction of her upcomming date. And the cat. The cat! Had it found some more nano-pollution which escaped the decontamination sweep?...............Susan

Safely within the expansive model, Joanna traced the possible origins of the sun's dis-equilibrium. The pollution, now resolved into gamma spectra, showed signatures somehow familiar... and then she knew! The Olduvai!!...............Physter

All her training was important, and would help her reflexes, especially in emergency situations. The MR chute hummed, Courteous appeared. "I was told to come here tonight, and not only by my emotional centerpoints. Joanna, we have to act fast to save the sun. I have long since given up on fate, whcih given my province of origination is loaded with irony. But its probably a safe bet to assume, our date was predestined for a lot of reasons." He walked towards her, but stopped to give the cat a quick scratch behind the ears. Then he was standing right in front of her. She had forgotten she even had a sense of smell. Would she be able to concentrate?......Pooky

Courteous's smell was intoxicating. Joanna felt her mind reeling as his warm scent enveloped her. An explosion occurred within her as images of Olduvai Gorge seemed to reach out to her. Strange. The cat was meowing loudly now. She was being sucked back through time, long before nano pollution and the sun was still normal. Did the answer lie in the past?....Lnn

Could she be so bold? Why not.. she suspected that Couteous would respect forthrightness. "Wasn't your tertiary progenitor one of the Olduvai refugees?" she asked, trying to quell the tremor in her voice, and the stirring in her plexus.....Physter

"Yes, and the traditions demanded I be given the texts, which I had to have implanted in my frontal lobe. Let's try to establish what stimulus to give the gradient, I think we can release a non corrosive filter to absorb the pollutants. But the resulting download of energy will need something. He smiled at her, "Got any ideas?"............Pooky

Nano-pollutants were created by us... or our forefathers. Same thing. Now we, I?, Courteous? gets to fix things. Why does it always come down to the current generation? What did those guys in Olduvai do? They started it all. Cat looked intently at her as if she was on teh right trail. Is he really a god or just calls himself one? Either way, his scent was still filling her mind!.......Lnn

Distracted by dreamy images of his frontal lobe, Joanna tried to re-focus her attention on the problem. "When the Olduvai Sun threatened to nova, they invented an irregular nano-p that bonded phasons in four dimensions. The result stabilized the sun'd core for several thousand years, enough time for them to pack up and leave. But what really happened after that?"............Physter

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